Check Airtalk Wireless Application Status: online, Phone number

Read these article to know how to Check Airtalk Wireless Application Status: online, Phone number. AirTalk Wireless is an American government program that provides free phones, tablets, monthly talk, data, unlimited texting, etc. provided by AirVoice Wireless, LLC, serving eligible American households. To get the benefits of these offers, you need a qualified lifeline or ACP household.

Note that you must meet the eligibility requirements set by your state to participate in the AirTalk Wireless service. These eligibility requirements are based on a person’s participation in state or federal support programs or meeting the income poverty guidelines as defined by the US government. One person per household can participate in the AirTalk Wireless program.

Airtalk Wireless Application Status Details

AirTalk Wireless is powered by AirVoice, an FCC-licensed eligible telecommunications carrier (ETC) that provides lifeline, affordable connectivity, and emergency broadband service to eligible users throughout the United States. The mission is to provide the best customer service on the largest nationwide 5G and 4G networks.

A simple application process includes quality phone brands like the iPhone, Galaxy, Google Pixels, Motorola, and others.

Service ProviderAirTalk Wireless ACP
StateAll States
ServicesAirtalk Wireless Application status check
Grant ProgramGovernment Assistance Program
Official website

How to Check Airtalk Wireless Application Status?

After applied the Airtalk wireless application, you can check your AirTalk Wireless status online and by phone number.

Online Status check

  1. Go to the official website of AirTalk Wireless.
  2. Select My Service>>Check Status from the menu bar.
  3. Enter your email address, zip code, and last four digits of your SSN
  4. Click on the Check Status.
airtalk wireless application status,
airtalk wireless application status

Now, you will be redirected to your Application Status page and able to track the AirTalk wireless status.

Check AirTalk Wireless Application Status Phone Number

You can check the application status by calling AirTalk customer care at (855) 924-7825. You need to provide some information to verify you and your AirTalk account. After that, they will definitely help you to know your status, whether pending or approved.

Note that: however, the service provider will notify you directly after fully reviewing the application.

Airtalk wireless application status approved

AirTalk Wireless application status showing approved means that you are approved to get free or discounted phone service through the Lifeline or Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

How to Apply the AirTalk Wireless application

To apply for the AirTalk wireless application program, you must visit the official website and click on the “Apply Now” button.

  • Enter your ZIP Code and click on Apply Now.
  • Enter your details such as your social security number to verify your identity.
  • Enter all your contact details and upload the required documents.
  • Confirm all the necessary steps.
  • Enter your household details and click “Continue.
  • Select the Program, then click on Continue.
  • Once your application is verified, click on the “Submit” button.

Who can Qualify for Airtalk Wireless?

You may qualify using the government program if you or your family participates in:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Medicaid
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • SNAP / Food Stamps / CalFresh
  • Veteran’s Pension and Survivor Benefits
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
  • free and reduced-cost school lunch program or school breakfast program
  • Received a federal Pell Grant in the current award year
  • Lifeline Program Eligibility for Low-Income Individuals

Your household income must meet the poverty guidelines for ACP and Lifeline program.

  • ACP – 200%
  • Lifeline – 135%
airtalk wireless income qualifications
airtalk wireless income qualifications

Eligibility Requirement for Airtalk Wireless Application

Some eligible application requirements are required during the application process for the Airtalk wireless application.

Proof of Identification

  • Driver’s License or Passport (unexpired)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Naturalization or of U.S. Citizenship
  • Permanent Resident or Resident Alien Card (unexpired)
  • Foreign Passport

Address proof

  • Driver’s License, Government, State, or Tribal Issued ID (unexpired)
  • Current Income Statement, Paycheck Stub, or W2
  • Statement of Benefits from a Qualifying Program Which Contains Name And Address
  • Current Mortgage or Lease Statement
  • Utility Bill

Proof of Government Benefit Participation

  • Recent or prior year’s statement of benefits from a qualifying state, federal, or tribal program
  • Notice letter of participation in a qualifying state, federal, or tribal program
  • Program participation documents
  • Another official document evidencing the consumer’s

Airtalk wireless activation

If you’ve just received your AirTalk Wireless free iPhone or smartphone and want to activate the service, how do you do it?

  1. Go to the official
  2. Then, Go to My Service >>Activate my SIM Card.
  3. Enter your MDN Number.
  4. Enter your SIM card Number.
  5. Then, Click on Submit.
  6. Your card will be activated within a short period.

Once the process is complete, you will receive an email and SMS with your tracking number.

You can check the TruConnect application status online and customer care

FAQs on AirTalk Wireless

Is AirTalk Wireless Legit?

Is airTalk wireless free phone legit? Yes, AirTalk Wireless’ free phone service is legit. low income individuals may ablet to get benefits through American government provides services like free data, calls, and smartphones.

How long does AirTalk Wireless take to process?

Generally, you need to wait for 7 to 14 business days for your application to be processed. After processing the application, you can track the status of your AirTalk Wireless application via email, SMS, or online.


So, you can check Airtalk wireless application status: online and phone number. once your get approval, you may able to get benefit’s. You can share this post with all the needy people.

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