How to Upgrade Assurance Wireless Phone in 2024: Complete Guide

This article will help you to know how to upgrade your Assurance Wireless Phone, Assurance Wireless t mobile phone upgrade, and FAQs.

Assurance Wireless is a wireless service provider in the USA that provides free cell phones and free monthly minutes, text, and data to eligible low-income individuals and families through the federal Lifeline Assistance Program and ACP. it has also a license to sell free tablets and laptops to all qualified people.

Assurance Wireless is a subsidiary of T-Mobile US. It uses T-Mobile’s network, which means Assurance Wireless customers have access to the same coverage as T-Mobile customers.

Here is the complete guide to the Assurance Wireless phone upgrade update, or replacement process.

Can I upgrade my Assurance wireless phone?

Yes, you can upgrade your Assurance wireless phone by following two ways – A free upgrade and a Paid upgrade.

Free upgrade:

If your phone is damaged or lost, you may be qualified for a free upgrade through Assurance wireless carrier. How to do this? To request a free upgrade phone, you need to contact the Assurance Wireless Customer Service at phone number (1-888-321-5880). They will request to verify your eligibility and complete the process to upgrade.

Paid upgrade:

You can also buy a new phone from the Assurance Wireless online store. The paid upgrade price will vary depending on the phone model.

How to Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade?

To Upgrade your Assurance wireless phone you must be eligible, the customer must be a customer for at least 12 months. Also, have validation of Lifeline or Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

  1. Visit the official website of Assurance Wireless Carriers.
  2. Login to your account using your ID and password.
  3. Go to the My Account section.
  4. Select the Upgrade or Update option.
  5. Follow the prompt and complete the process.

Alternatively, You can contact the Assurance Wireless Phone number at 211 or 888-321-5880 and talk to a customer service member about upgrading your Assurance Wireless Smartphone. If a phone upgrade service is available, they will surely help you. You will need to pay to upgrade your device, which varies based on different models.

How To Get Assurance Wireless Phone Replacement?

You can call the customer service of Assurance Wireless and request the replacement of the phone. You have to tell them the reason for the replacement of the phone, and they will assist you if you are eligible for a phone replacement from Assurance Wireless.

Customer service phone number: 1-888-321-5880

Assurance wireless upgrade phones for sale

Here are some of the Assurance Wireless upgrade phones for sale, you can check them from the official website in the shop section.

Assurance Wireless BYOP Check

Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) is a feature through which you can bring any existing or new phone onto the network. For this, you can call customer service and tell them your device model so they can find a better solution.

FAQs for Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade

Can I Upgrade My Government Phone?

Yes, you can upgrade your government phone. For this see the process in the above sections.

What Carrier Does an Assurance Phone Use?

Assurance Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator that T-Mobile uses.

Can I put my assurance wireless sim card in another phone?

Yes, you can put your Assurance Wireless Simcard in another phone. but, other phones will not work on Assurance’s network because the providers do not offer the Bring Your Own Phone program.

Can I use any phone with assurance wireless?

No, you cannot do this. You may only use a phone received or purchased directly from Assurance Wireless for its services.

How do I upgrade my assurance phone?

Simply, you can contact their customer service number at 1-888-321-588 to upgrade the Assurance Wireless phone.


Now you know how to do Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade. You will need to contact their website or customer care to verify your eligibility. You also have to pay some amount to upgrade your phone if required.

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    • Hi I am very uneducated and electronics and I’m looking to see what other devices are available through the government programs I currently receive insurance wireless cell phone services I’m in need of computer to use but access to a printer of my own possibly I’m not sure how to set myself up at home being on a little to know and come to work with if there’s anyone that could reach out to me and help me utilize the programs to possibly set up a computer system to be used for learning that would be a great assistance the Gmail account will be the best way to reach me I’m in the middle of updating and changing my assurance wireless phone number so email would be best for the time being I would greatly appreciate it thank you.


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