GWNC Neighborhood Purposes Grant Application Available

GWNC Neighborhood Purposes Grant Application: Each year, the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council (GWNC) provides funding for various beneficial projects at local schools and nonprofits through the city’s Neighborhood Purpose Grant program. NPG aims to improve the Greater Wilshire community and provide a public benefit.

A Neighborhood Purpose Grant project should build community, improve neighborhoods, and be open, accessible, and free to the general public. The projects may include, but are not limited to: art, beautification, community assistance, education, and community improvement.

The GWNC Neighborhood Purposes Grant Application window is now open, with a deadline – March 22, 2024. Applicants should ensure they apply for applications before the deadline; otherwise, applications received after this deadline may not be considered.

The finalists will be voted on at GWNC’s April 10 board meeting.

GWNC Neighborhood Purposes Grant Application

The GWNC NPG application will be considered for physical, cultural, civic, or educational projects that benefit the community as widely as possible. Organizations within GWNC limitations or primarily serving GWNC stakeholders receive preference, and all applicants must verify by documenting their current 501(c)(3) or public school status.

How to Apply for Neighborhood Purposes Grant (NPG)

Applications for the Neighborhood Council Funding Program are available on the NC Funding Program website page on NPGs. You need to download the application form and fill out all the required information and documents. Finally, submit the completed NPG application documents to [email protected].

Application requirements are available at the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council Grant portal.

Alternatively,  you can complete the following addendum specifically for the GWNC and submit it at the same time as your application:

Upon approval of the application, the Neighborhood Council (NC) will submit the application along with all required documents to the Office of the City Clerk, NC Funding Programs.

To know more information about the grant program, visit the official website of Grant Advisors USA.

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