How to Apply for Amber Grant Application for Women (2024)

How to Apply for Amber Grant Application for Women in 2024. Amber Grant is especially for women. If you are a businesswoman owner, you can apply today for a $25,000 annual Amber grant and a $10,000 monthly Amber grant.

Amber Grant is especially beneficial for those women who are interested in the business. She can benefit from this grant program by participating in it.

This blog post covers the Amber Grant Application Process, eligibility criteria, and requirements, Amber Business Grants For Women, and how to get a $25,000 grant.

Amber Grant application for women

OrganizationWomensNet – Amber Grant for women
Grant ProgramAmber grant program
Grant ApplicationHonour for
Founded in1998
Amber Grant for Women’s websiteAmber Wigdahl 
LocationUnited States and Canada
Grant fund$10,000 monthly
Grant Advisors USA
Grant advisors USA

Amber Grant program

The Amber Grant program was founded by WomensNet in 1998. The establishment of this women’s grant leads to one goal. The Amber Grant Program was established in honor of the memory of a very special young woman, Amber Wigdahl. Amber Wigdahl died at the age of 19 before she could realize her professional dreams.

WomensNet continues that tradition by proudly giving away at least $30,000 in Amber Grant money each month. Recognize the diversity of women-owned businesses. We have expanded our grants to include “Marketing Grants,” “Business Category Grants,” as well as two “$25,000 Year End Grants.” The full list of grants includes:

  • Monthly Amber Grant
  • $25,000 annual Amber Grant
  • The Startup Grant
  • The Non-Profit Grant
  • Business Category Grants
  • The Marketing Grant

Apply for the $25,000 Amber Grant for Women

If you are a female business owner looking for a grant of up to $25,000, then you can find the right portal at Women’s Grants.

The Amber Grant awards two separate $25,000 women-owned business grants at the end of each year.

The first $25,000 grant goes to one of the previous $10,000 monthly Amber grant winners. The second grant goes to $10,000 monthly business category grant winners. It means you can qualify for the $25,000 grant in two ways.

  • Win an Amber Grant for the month you apply.
  • By winning a business category grant for any month.

You can read and apply the information on the official website at

Eligibility Criteria for Amber Grant

Here’s how you can qualify for our $25,000 Amber Grant application.

  • If you apply for a $10,000 monthly Amber grant, you will automatically be eligible for that month’s $10,000 business-specific grant.
  • Your single Amber Grant application also makes you eligible for any other Amber Grants.

Amber Grant Requirements

You are eligible for the AMBER grant program if you meet the following requirements:

  • Businesses must be at least 50% owned by women.
  • The company is headquartered in the United States or Canada.
  • Applicant’s age must be at least 18 years and above.
  • Must pay a $15 application fee.

you can also apply for Grants for Artists- 6 Best Grants for Women in the Arts.

Apply for Amber Grant Application

To apply for Amber grant application, you need to go to the official portal at WomensNet. follow the simple steps.

  • Check program deadlines
  • Check your Eligibility criteria
  • Make sure you are a female business owner
  • Collect the required documents
  • Fill out the amber grant application form and submit it.

Follow the steps on how to apply for the Amber Grant Application.

how to apply for amber grant
how to apply for Amber grant
  1. Visit the official website of Amber Grant for women.
  2. Click on the Apply Now button.
  3. Fill out all about yourself and your business. such as-
    • Full Name
    • Email Address
    • About your business or business idea and other Questions.
  4. Select payment method – Enter credit card number and name.
  5. After that, click on Apply Now.

Apply for Amber Grant link –

Amber Grant Application Fee

amber grant application fee
amber grant application fee

Yes, you will need to pay $15 for the AMBER grant application. Secure payment options are available in the United States and Canada. You will get the facilities of a credit card and PayPal.

If you need housing assistance, you can apply for Housing Grants for Disabled Women.

Amber Grant Phone Number

To get any assistance, you can visit the Contact Us page of Amber Grant to contact customer service care. Phone numbers are not available for people you need to fill out the Contact Us form through this link:

Is the Amber Grant Real?

Yes, the Amber Grant is a legitimate or real grant program for women entrepreneurs. you can easily check out the official website and its review.


That is all about how to apply for the Amber Grant Application to get monthly grants of up to $10,000. It assists female business owners. The Amber Grant Foundation also offers monthly grants of up to $10,000 to assist women business owners, like the NASE Growth Grant.

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