How to Apply for Fuse Web3 Business Grant Program

The Fuse Web3 Business Grant Program is a multi-million initiative designed to help companies easily build Web3 payment systems while removing the complexities of development.

Fuse is a leading blockchain platform that launched an innovative opportunity for eligible entrepreneurs and businesses called the Fuse Web3 Business Grant Program.

This innovative initiative intends to promote the development of decentralized applications and provide financial assistance and resources to projects building on the Fuse Network to adopt Web 3 technologies.

Fuse Web3 Business Grant Program

The Web3 Business Grant Program is provided by Fuse to empower developers and entrepreneurs who are building impactful and innovative projects on the Fuse Network. Apart from the possibility of monetary assistance, all eligible individuals will benefit from technical mentorship, marketing support, robust infrastructure, etc.

The Web3 Grant Program is open to businesses from a variety of sectors, including fintechs, consumer clubs, and local payment solutions, who are interested in building and using Web3 payments technology.

Who can Apply?

  • Businesses that want to establish consumer clubs and loyalty programs with the strategic goal of improving user acquisition strategies by entering Web3 communities.
  • Fintechs want to implement non-custodial mobile solutions and reduce payment volatility.
  • CEX, those looking for a non-custodial wallet solution.
  • The Web3 startup is looking for a flexible EMV-compliant network that can offer gas-fee sponsorship.
  • Business apps are interested in building branded stablecoins and increasing brand visibility.
  • Local payment solutions want to expand globally.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Fuse Web3 Business Grant Program, you must have:

  • A strong vision project
  • A clear development roadmap
  • commitment to leveraging the capabilities of the Fuse Network
  • Projects from various fields, such as finance, gaming, supply chain management, and social impact, are invited to apply.

How to Apply for Fuse Web3 Business Grant Program

Eligible applicants can apply for the Fuse Web3 Business Grant Program application through They need to provide some required details, such as their business details and project, team, and development plan.

Follow the steps by steps guide to apply for the Web3 Business Grant Application.

fuse web3 business grant program
apply for fuse web3 business grant program
  • Go to the web3 business grant page.
  • Check your Requirements by clicking on the given option.
  • Scroll down and click on the “Apply now” button.
  • Enter your personal information, fundraising, Project type, and answer the given question.
  • After that, Click on Submit button.

Their selection process will be based on projects that demonstrate strong potential for impact, innovation, and sustainability within the Web3 ecosystem.

Benefits for Participants

Once you are approved for the Fuse Web3 Business Grant Program, you can benefit from a range of offerings, including financial grants, technical support, marketing support, and access to Fuse’s extensive network of partners and collaborators to become an operator.

  • Technical Consulting: Our development team will help you integrate the infrastructure and Fuse SDK to best suit your requirements.
  • Marketing support: If selected, you will benefit from exposure to our community and marketing support from our department.
  • Robust infrastructure: Strong infrastructure has unique benefits and advantages for your business.

To know more about the Fuse Web3 Business Grant Program, you can visit the official website of FUSE.

To summarize, the Web3 Business Grants program aims to support, empower, and advance projects that pioneer Web3 innovation, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of the global blockchain ecosystem.

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