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The Celsius Class action lawsuit claim form is now available for getting the Money From Celsius Class Action Settlements. how can you be eligible for a Celsius drink class action lawsuit? read the entire article below.

If you purchased a Celsius drink or powdered drink between January 1, 2015, and November 23, 2022, you may be entitled to money from the class action settlement.

Each eligible person can receive up to $250 if the person provides proof of purchase, such as a receipt. If you do not have the bill, you may receive up to $20 as a class member without proof of purchase. You have to submit the Celsius class action lawsuit claim form by the deadline (February 13, 2023). The process of which step by step guide is available below.


SettlementsCelsius Class Action Settlements
Claim FormCelsius Class Action Lawsuit Claim Form
Claims DeadlineFebruary 13, 2023
Exclusion DeadlineFebruary 13, 2023
Objection DeadlineFebruary 13, 2023
Fairness HearingMarch 31, 2023
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Celsius Class Action Settlement

Celsius agreed to pay $7.8 million to settle all of these claims. It falsely marketed its beverages as “no preservatives”. The class action settlement benefits can get the consumers who purchased any Celsius drink (aka Celsius Live Fit), Celsius Heat, Celsius BCAA+ Energy, Celsius with Stevia, or Celsius On-The-Go Powder between January 1, 2015, and November 23, 2022. Purchased drinks and/or Flow Fusion powdered drinks.

Celsius primarily sells fitness drinks aimed at providing energy, boosting metabolism, and burning body fat, and the brand provides several varieties, including drinks made with stevia and drinks with added branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs.

According to the class action lawsuit, Celsius falsely advertised its beverages as “no preservatives”. In fact, Celsius drinks reportedly contain citric acid, a flavoring agent and preservative.

The defendant knows that consumers are willing to pay more for natural, healthy products, and advertises the product with the intent that consumers rely on representations that the product contains “no preservatives” and no artificial flavorings, That’s the claim of Celsius Class Action.

The false advertising class action sought compensation for this false advertising and reimbursement for the purchase of mislabeled Salesuis beverages.

Although Celsius has not admitted any wrongdoing, it has agreed to a $7.8 million class action settlement to resolve these allegations, and under the terms of the Celsius settlement, class members will receive compensation based on the number of products purchased. Can get a cash payment.

  • The settlement allocated a payment of $1 for each can or $5 per package of 14 powdered drinks.
  • Class members who can provide proof of purchase (such as receipts) may receive up to $250.
  • Class members can receive up to $20 without proof of purchase.
  • If a large number of claims are received, the claims will be reduced on a pro-rata basis, and if a smaller number of claims are received than expected, the claims will be adjusted up to twice the amount claimed as proof of purchase. Up to $500 with or up to $40 without proof of purchase.

Who is Eligible for Celsius Class Action Lawsuit Submit Claim?

Buyers who purchased any Celsius beverage (aka Celsius Live Fit), Celsius Heat, Celsius BCAA+Energy, Celsius with Stevia, Celsius On-The-Go powdered drinks, or Flo Fusion powdered drinks between Jan. 1, 2015, to Nov. 23, 2022.

Purchase proof

The customer may include supporting documentation such as a receipt from an issued party or record of purchase, removed UPC codes, or other documentation from a third-party commercial source that purports to have purchased the Product during the Applicable Class Period in the United States. Properly establishes the fact and dates.

How to Submit Celsius Class Action Lawsuit Claim Form

To apply for the celsius class action lawsuit claim form, you need to fill out the Celsius Class Action Settlements application online and submit it.

celsius class action lawsuit claim form,
celsius class action lawsuit claim form
  • Go to the official website of Celsius Class Action Settlement.
  • Then Click on the “Submit a Claim” button.
  • Fill out the required information like Name, Email address, Phone number, Address (Zip Code, state, city), etc.
  • Next, you need to complete the Product selection.
  • Provide the purchase history in the required fields.
  • Now select the Settlement Options and confirm it.
  • After that, click on Submit button.

Claims Administrator

Celsius Class Administrator
PO Box 4325
Baton Rouge, LA 70821
[email protected]

Contact information

Email[email protected]

How to fill out Celsius claim form?

Customers can fill out the celsius settlement claim form official website of Celsius Class Action Settlement at, click on submit a claim button and enter the all required details and submit the form to get the benefits of $250.

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