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Welcome Corps Refugee Program Application: The Welcome Corps is now accepting Sponsor Refugee program applications, a private sponsor group that can identify a specific refugee or family overseas and apply to sponsor their resettlement in your community. The Welcome Corps refugee program accepts groups of up to five Americans, and permanent citizens can sponsor one refugee or family at a time. Eligible individuals may submit only one application at this time. If approved, you must wait three months after the refugee arrives in the United States to reapply.

Welcome Corps Refugee Program Eligibility Requirements

The person/you listed on your sponsorship application can be of any nationality. But, he is required to meet all these eligibility criteria and meet the definition of refugee under US law.

  • You live outside their home country, and they do not live in the United States. But live in a country where the U.S. government is able to interview sponsored refugees and process their cases.
  • Your age must be at least 18 years. or, if you are children, they are being referred to their parents. Anyone under the age of 18 must be attended by his or her biological parent or legal guardian.
  • Applicant had not previously been refused resettlement in the United States through the US Refugee Admissions Program.
  • Applicants are already registered on or before September 30, 2023, as a refugee by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) (or by the government of the country where they live, or refugees of Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, or Venezuelan nationality) must have a Form I-134 or I-134A already submitted on their behalf before September 30, 2023. They must have been outside their country of nationality at the time of filing the form.

Note: If you are applying to sponsor more than one person, all refugees must currently live in the same country and plan to live in the same household after resettlement in the United States.

Welcome Corps Refugee Program Requirements

  • Personal information (such as legal name, date of birth, place of birth)
  • Why did they leave their country and why can’t they return?
  • Is this a new referral for individuals coming to the United States as refugees or whether they already have a case in the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) or the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program. If they have a USRAP or SIV case pending, you will need to provide that case number in your application.
  • Copies of their proof of refugee registration or additional government-issued identity documents.
  • Photograph of each individual to be uploaded should be identical to the passport photo.

How to Apply for Welcome Corps Refugee Program Application

Follow the steps to apply for Welcome Corps Refugee Program Application online at portal.

welcome corps refugee application create account
  • Visit the official website of WELCOMECORPS.
  • Tap on the “Sponsor A Refugee You Know” option.
  • Tap on Create an Account to apply by providing your name, address, and Zipcode.
  • After that, Login your account and Fill out the application form.
  • Provide some required documents and Submit.

Once submitted, the Welcome Corps team will review your application and documents. If approved, you must wait three months after refugees arrive in the United States to reapply.

Customer care: if you have any queries or questions, you can contact us through email at [email protected].

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