How to apply for Texas Free Tablet Program – Complete Guide

If you are a resident of the state of Texas and want to get a free tablet from the government, this article is beneficial for you if you are not able to purchase a tablet. because I will give you a complete guide about the Texas Free Tablet Program.

The state of Texas government has released a free tablet program called the Texas Free Tablet Program. The program can be used by all low-income households to get free tablets in Texas and additional services such as limited data, minutes, and more.

These programs are primarily targeted to all low-income families, low-income students, seniors, or the disabled, helping to complete their needs.

So, if you’re wondering How to Apply for the Texas Free Tablet Program, please read the entire guide, which covers all eligibility requirements, required documents, benefits, and the best service providers for free tablets for Texas residents. 

Texas Free Tablet Program from Government (Step By Step Guideline)

what is the Texas free tablet program: The free tablet program is a government program for Texas that helps all low-income households, students, senior citizens, and the disabled get a free tablet.

This program can help needy students, seniors, and people who want to learn more about technology. Students can mainly complete their studies, and seniors can easily complete their work from home with a free tablet from the government.

Currently, there are some good service providers like STAP and ACP in Texas. Let’s know how the free tablet Program works in Texas.

Texas Free Tablet Program by STAP

Texas free tablet grant program works with STAP and ACP, STAP is a legal program that provides free tablets to Texas residents who fall into the low-income category.

  • STAP stands for Specialized Telecommunication Assistance Program which offers electronic devices like tablets and smartphones to all individuals.
  • STAP especially help disabled Texas residents, but you have to get approval from local authorities for a government free tablet program.

To apply for STAP and get approval, you have to visit the local certifier offices. After getting approval, A voucher will be issued to a vendor and a free tablet will be delivered to you.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a government program that was released by the United States Gov with the goal of providing low-income people with basic Internet access, tablets and laptops, and more.

  • Under the ACP program, eligible Texas residents receive up to a $100 rebate on the purchase of the tablet, but it will not provide you with a free tablet.
  • Once you get the $100 discount, you can contact your service provider to get your discounted tablet.
  • Not all ACP service providers serve the state of Texas in the United States. Therefore, ensure that the provider of your choice has services in your state.

However, to get the free tablet, one has to fulfill the eligibility requirements for the company. Along with this, you have to attach the eligibility documents to get approved for the Texas Free Tablet Program.

What are the Eligibility Criteria?

Here are the eligibility requirements to get a free Texas tablet through programs such as ACP & STAP.

Eligibility Criteria for STAPEligibility Criteria for ACP
1. Must be at least 5 years oldMake sure you are from a low-income household whose gross income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty guideline.
2. Must be a Texas residentRecipients of federal Pell grants in the current award year may also be eligible.
3. You Should be disabledYou must be participating in the National School Lunch or School Breakfast program to be eligible.
4. You can be eligible if your studentsParticipants in tribal assistance programs such as Head Start, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Tribal TANF, or others will be eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program.
5. Seniors can eligible for STAPYou are eligible to participate in any federal assistance program such as Medicaid, SSI, EBT/SNAP, or WIC.
Texas Free Tablet Program eligibility criteria

What are the Required Documents?

Once you meet the eligibility criteria for these programs, you need to collect some required documents to apply for Texas Free Tablet Program. which is mentioned in the table:

Income-based eligibility documentPension or retirement statement of benefits,
Federal, state, or Tribal tax returns,
Paycheck stubs,
Child support award,
Worker’s compensation statement of benefits,
Income proof or salary slip
Program-based eligibility documentFederal public housing assistance approval letter,
Veterans pension,
survivors benefit award letter,
Head start verification letter
Identity documents US driver’s license,
State ID card,
Voter registration card,
Birth certificate or Passport,
Utility bills,

How to apply for Texas Free Tablet Program

Here is the step by step guide to applying for the ACP and STAP program to get government free tablets in Texas. Individuals must be sure that they are eligible for these programs. Let’s take some steps:

Apply for ACP Program in Texas

Follow the given steps to apply for ACP is a U.S. government program under the Texas Free Tablet program if you are eligible for the program.

Step 1: Go to the official website of the Affordable Connectivity Program:

Step 2: Click on the Apply Now button.

Step 3: Enter all required information such as your name, email, SSN, and more, and proceed further.

Step 4: Upload your documents in the required fields.

Step 5: After submitting your documents, you will know whether your application is approved or not. However, this process may take up to 24 hours. Once approved, you can select any service provider available in Texas, select the plan and tablet, and complete the application for the same.

After you apply for the Texas Free Tablet Program through ACP, you will receive your tablet within 7 to 14 business days.

Apply for STAP Program in Texas

First of all, you need to visit the nearest STAP certifier and get all your documents certified by the certifying officer. They will check your documents, and eligibility, and only then verify your documents for a free tablet.

Once certified,  you have to submit your application and all documents to the Austin STAP office.

After submitting your legal document, The application will go for review, and you will receive a notification if your application gets approved.

List of some providers that offer free tablets in Texas

There are some ACP service providers who provide free tablets in Texas, but not all of them provide free government tablets. You can visit a nearby location that offers free table service in Texas to get information.

AirTalk wireless
Cintex wireless
Qlink wireless
Stand up wireless


I hope you will catch the information on how to apply for the Texas Free Tablet Program and get it. You need to qualify for the ACP and STAP programs with essential documents. Every Texas senior, student, and disabled individual can get the benefits of this program.

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  1. I am a disabled senior citizen who has Spectrum & T Mobile but neither company never told me me that I may qualify for phone or tablet or free internet. I have food benefit card.


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