What Phones are Compatible with TruConnect Mobile

If you are looking for What Phones are Compatible with TruConnect Mobile? Then, this article will guide you completely and provide a list of TruConnect-compatible phones.

As we know, TruConnect Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that uses network providers such as T-Mobile, and Sprint, and it depends on the location. so it’s clear now, that all phones that work on the T-Mobile network will be compatible with TruConnect.

What Phones Are Compatible with TruConnect Mobile?

Telecommunication networks in the USA use GSM or CDMA networks; not all smartphone phones have all frequency bands. If you use an unlocked GSM mobile phone, you can bring it on to TruConnect, provided it has all the frequency bands used by T-Mobile or Sprint. However, you can insert a Truconnect BYOP SIM card and bring it to Truconnect for savings.

TruConnect also offers cheap plans, such as prepaid talk and text plans along with 3G, 4G, and 5G LTE mobile data, and portable Wi-Fi service plans.

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TrueConnect service is available across the United States. so let’s check what phones are compatible with truconnect phone service.

CarrierCompatible Devices
T-MobileMost Android phones such as Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, Nokia, and Apple iPhone.
SprintMost Android phones such as Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, Nokia, and Apple iPhone.

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Here is the list of TruConnect compatible phones:-

  1. LG Stylo 5
  2. LG Aristo 5
  3. Motorola G Play 2021
  4. Motorola G Fast
  5. Samsung Galaxy A03s
  6. WingTech Revvl V+ 5G
  7. Motorola Moto E
  8. TCL Revvl 5G
  9. Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite
  10. Motorola G Power 2022
  11. NUU F4L Flip Phone
  12. Sky Elite E55
  13. TCL Flip Go
  14. NUU A11L
  15. Alcatel REVVL 4
  16. Nokia G100
  17. BLU View 3
  18. Alcatel 3V
  19. LG K30
  20. Motorola G7 Revvlry
  21. NUU X6 Plus
  22. Samsung Galaxy A01
  23. Samsung Galaxy A20
  24. Samsung Galaxy S10e
  25. Samsung Galaxy A14 5G
  26. Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
  27. Samsung Galaxy S10
  28. Samsung Galaxy A23 5G
  29. Samsung Galaxy S20 5G
  30. Samsung Galaxy A54 5G
  31. Samsung Galaxy S22
  32. Apple iPhone 8
  33. Apple iPhone 11
  34. Apple iPhone 13 Mini
  35. Apple iPhone 13
  36. OnePlus Nord 100
  37. Motorola G Play 2024
  38. OnePlus Nord 200 5G
  39. Google Pixel 4
  40. Motorola G Stylus 5G
  41. Apple iPhone XR
  42. OnePlus Nord 20 5G
  43. Motorola One Ace 5G
  44. Motorola G Stylus 5G 2022
  45. Moto G Stylus 2022
  46. Google Pixel 6A 5G
  47. Google Pixel 6 5G
  48. Google Pixel 6 Pro 5G
  49. Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe 5G
  50. Apple iPhone 12
  51. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G
  52. Google Pixel 7 Pro
  53. Samsung Galaxy S23
  54. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4
  55. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
  56. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

If you are unsure whether your phone is compatible with TruConnect, you can check the TruConnect compatibility checker on their website.

What Carrier is Compatible with TruConnect?

TruConnect selects carriers by location, with some desired locations choosing T-Mobile or Sprint based on the best network availability. However, these are the only two network carriers that TruConnect Wireless uses and its service is available throughout the United States. now check out the list of TruConnect compatible phones android and iphone.

TruConnect Compatible Android Phones

Here is the all list for TruConnect Compatible Android Phones:

  • BLU C5L 2020 GSM
  • BLU C6L 2020 GSM
  • BLU G50 Plus GSM
  • Cloud Mobile Stratus C5 Grey
  • Google Pixel 3a GSM
  • Google Pixel 3a XL GSM
  • Google Pixel 4 XL
  • Google Pixel 4a
  • Google Pixel 4a 5G
  • Google Pixel 5 5G
  • LG Aristo 3 GSM
  • LG Aristo 3 Plus GSM
  • LG K31 GSM
  • LG K51 GSM
  • LG Q70 GSM
  • LG Stylo 6
  • Motorola E
  • Motorola Edge 5G
  • Motorola G Fast
  • Motorola G Play
  • Motorola G Power
  • Motorola G Power (2021)
  • Motorola G Stylus
  • Motorola G Stylus (2021)
  • Motorola G7 Plus GSM
  • Motorola Moto E6
  • Motorola RAZR 5G
  • Nokia 1.3 GSM
  • Nokia 2.4 GSM
  • Nokia 3.4 GSM
  • Nokia 5.4 GSM
  • Nokia 8.3 5G
  • OnePlus 8 5G GSM
  • OnePlus 8 Pro 5G GSM
  • Samsung Galaxy A21
  • Samsung Galaxy A51
  • Samsung Galaxy A51 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 GSM
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 GSM
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 GSM
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ GSM
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e GSM
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+ GSM
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

TruConnect Compatible iPhones

Here is the list of all TruConnect Compatible iPhones list:

  • Apple iPhone 11
  • Apple iPhone 12
  • Apple iPhone 12 Mini
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone SE
  • Apple iPhone XR

TruConnect Compatible Flip Phones

Here is the list of TruConnect Compatible Flip Phones:

  • Alcatel Go Flip 3 GSM
  • Cloud Mobile Mist Flip
  • NUU F4L Flip Phone GSM

is truconnect compatible with Tracfone?

Yes, TruConnect is compatible with TracFone. Because both TruConnect and TracFone use the T-Mobile and Sprint networks. Therefore you can use your TruConnect SIM card in a TracFone phone and vice versa.

  • Your phone must be unlocked
  • Your phone’s bands must be compatible with TruConnect’s network
  • Your phone software must be updated.

is truconnect compatible with Boost mobile?

No, TruConnect is not compatible with Boost Mobile. Boost Mobile uses the only Sprint network and truconnect uses the T-mobile and Sprint networks also. If you are unsure, please contact TruConnect customer care.

Truconnect contact number

You can contact truconnect customer service 24 hours at this number: 1 (800) 430-0443

Contact us link – https://support.truconnect.com/s/contactsupport


Can I Use My Own Phone on TruConnect?

Yes, you can use your own phone on TruConnect, but only if it’s compatible. Not all smartphones are compatible with the TruConnect service. Check the TruConnect website or the list above to check compatibility.

What phone can I use with truconnect?

All phones that are compatible with T-Mobile or Sprint will also be compatible with TruConnect.

is my phone compatible with truconnect?

Yes, your phone can be compatible with TruConnect if it is unlocked and the phone’s bands are compatible with TruConnect.


We hope this article helped you understand What Phones are Compatible with TruConnect Mobile?- it uses T-mobile or Sprint network. If you have any doubts or suggestions, please write in the comment section.

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